_5311697 It is built in a strict compliance with the EU safety standards, using materials provided by internationally recognized manufactures.
betons The most durable of all structures – reinforced concrete - has been used in the construction of the house.
_5271459 The ventilatable and self-cleaning Minerit panels (Finland) have been used for the facade. The facade maintains its initial look for years. It cleans itself in the rain and does not lose colour – it will not have to be repainted. The ventilatable system will protect the house from moisture and mould for at least 60 years.
_5311697 The house has a diesel generator, which provides an autonomous power supply in case of a power outage in the neighbourhood.
image007 The house is equipped with façade lighting. It is adjustable. If you wish, you can neatly light up the facade of your hose, making the holidays even more special.
DSC00472 The common area is paved with road tiles. The road tiles will last for years. If any problems occur, its renewal is very inexpensive - you have to replace couple of tiles only in the damaged area.