_5311697 It is built in a strict compliance with the EU safety standards, using materials provided by internationally recognized manufactures.
betons The most durable of all structures – reinforced concrete - has been used in the construction of the house.
_5271459 The ventilatable and self-cleaning Minerit panels (Finland) have been used for the facade. The facade maintains its initial look for years. It cleans itself in the rain and does not lose colour – it will not have to be repainted. The ventilatable system will protect the house from moisture and mould for at least 60 years.
_5311697 The house has a diesel generator, which provides an autonomous power supply in case of a power outage in the neighbourhood.
image007 The house is equipped with facade lighting. It is adjustable. If you wish, you can neatly light up the facade of your hose, making the holidays even more special.
DSC00472 The common area is paved with road tiles. The road tiles will last for years. If any problems occur, its renewal is very inexpensive - you have to replace couple of tiles only in the damaged area.


_6167561 Well planned and compact layout. For example, 64m2 apartment has a living room, 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms as well as a place for 3 built-in wardrobes. Every square meter has been used efficiently.
_5201357 In the apartment is space for several built-in wardrobes.
_6167589_1 Only finishing materials produced by internationally recognized manufactures from Germany, Italy, Sweden, and Finland have been used in the interior decoration.
_5201399 Apartments are equipped with wood double-paned windows, which are products of a professional cooperation between Germany and Latvia.
_5201393 Underfloor heating provides even warmth in the rooms. They do not take up an extra space and are easily cleanable by lifting up the metal grate.
_5201291 Parador TrendTime (Germany) flooring will last for years. It is proven by the wide use of this surface in airports. It may be ruined neither by spilled water nor high heels. Sounds insulation (40 mm), reinforced concrete (50 mm). 

_6167561_krasas The walls in the apartments are painted with Caparol paint (Germany), which does not contain any hazardous substances. Partitions between apartments - double plasterboard cladding (25 mm), and sound insulation (50 mm), lightweight concrete block walls (300 mm), and sound insulation (50 mm), double plasterboard cladding (25 mm).
Partitions in apartments - plasterboard on metal frame with sound insulation (total 120 mm)
_5201352 The apartments are fully equipped with low-intensity current network for TV, computer, phone, and the individual alarm system. You will not have to call a handyman and ruin plastering. All you have to do is to choose the most acceptable service provider.

Fully equipped power socket and lighting network, including electric ovens, heated towel rails and underfloor lavatory, washing machine.

_6167551 Bathroom is covered with Viva Ceramica tiles (Italy). The floor tiles have a special surface, which does not get slippery when the water is spilled. Tiles are light, allowing you to choose towels and other design element in any colour..
_5201330 Bathroom is equipped with Gustavsberg (Sweden) sanitary equipment.
_5201316 Doorstops are place all around the apartment, preventing any damages to the walls.


The building has been provided with an energy auditor certificate, which indicates lower heating costs. Heating costs in winter are 0.50 – 0.89 Eur per square meter.
_5271609 The building has a central heating system. Heating is provided by „Rīgas siltums”, which is the best heating solution for all new residential buildings. The apartments are equipped with individual heating control system. You will be able to adjust the heating in every room of the apartment as you wish.
_5271609 Each apartment has individual meters – for heating, water, and electricity – which are placed in the stairway of each floor.
_5201279 Corridors are equipped with motion sensor lighting to save the commonly used power. In its turn, the lighting is more intense above the front doors of each apartment.

Common areas

_5201264 The corridors are covered with Vorwerk mats (Germany), which are certified for use in public areas with high usage intensity. The fire-resistant and dense floor cover softens steps and absorbs noises. The mats are easily maintainable as they push back the dirt.
_5201238 References are placed in the corridors, showing the guests how to find the apartments by numbers.
_5201416 Garbage bins in the yard are enclosed with an aesthetic wooden fence.
_5271618 Each floor has a space for strollers and bicycles.

Environment Safety

camera The building is equipped with a video surveillance system. It is possible to completely monitor the outer perimeter and parking lot of the building.
camera There is a room with a security panel for the guard located on the 1st floor of the building.
_5271625 The apartments are connected to the fire safety and security panel of the building , which in case of fire may detect the location of the apartment requiring help.
_5201312 Door phones are installed in every apartment.
_5201312 Each apartment is equipped with a low intensity current network for connection of an individual alarm system. All you have to do is to choose the most acceptable service provider.
_5201277 Front doors (Germany) of the apartments are equipped with a special antitheft mechanism. If somebody attempts to do a mechanical damage to the lock, it collapses and the doors get blocked. The doors have a special shutting mechanism, which ensures that a stranger cannot open them from outside in case when you have forgotten to lock them.
_5201280 Front doors of the apartments have special blocking hinges,(Germany) which may not be lifted out.
_5201274 Front doors of the apartments have a spyhole, which is in an appropriate height also for children.
_5201321 The apartments are equipped with smoke and heat detectors, complying with the fire safety standards.
_5201246 Each apartment is equipped with special front doors, which have a heat-resistant handle (Germany), which may be opened in case of fire. The doors also have smoke insulation.
_5311699 There are lightning arresters installed on the roof.

Parking lot

_5201400 There is weather-protected parking lot for 102 cars. You will not have to clean the snow off of your car during winter.
_5271465_1 The access road to the parking lot is equipped with a defrost system, so there are no problems entering the lot in any weather.
_5271487 Entrance in the territory is regulated by a boom barrier.


_5311704 It is facilitated and greened with an automated watering system.
_5311697_terase Well planned terrace infrastructure - greenery, fencing, outdoor chairs and sofas, lighting, trash bins.
_5201381 The metal fence has a specially design, which prevents children from climbing over (has no footsteps) or squeezing through.
_5311697_speles It is a safe environment for children to play in. There is a special anti-shock surface next to the swing and rubber covering in the mini-football field.
5201372 Sandbox and spring swings for the smallest children.
_5311697_laukums Table tennis and open air chess-board.

People with disabilities

DSC00502 The building is equipped with wheelchair lift - brining to the the terrace.
_5201274 Front doors of the apartments have a spyhole, which is in an appropriate height for people in wheelchair.
_5201242 The building and apartments have wide doors and no steps at the front doors.
_5201051 Specially marked parking places for handicapped.